What is a Research Study

A research study is a research study in which volunteers receive a medication or treatments under the supervision of a physician…..explore

Why Participate

You may be elgible to participate in a research study….how long is a 600 word essay online assignment help

If you have ever considered volunteering for a research study and would like to learn more please do not hesitate in calling our facility for more information. Our friendly Bilingual staff is prepared to answer……see more

Enrolling Studies

We are currently seeking participants for the following clinical trials: Bipolar, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes Type II, Depression, High Cholesterol, Low Testerosterone……enroll

Free Health Screenings

Schedule your FREE Health Screening today, NO INSURANCE NECESSARY: Open to the public, Diabetes Screening, Cholesterol Screening, Blood Pressure Screening, Depression…..take the step