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Where does the thesis go in an essay

Thesis statements are an integral part of any essay and their placement is important to maintaining the focus of the essay. When it comes to the placement of a thesis statement in an essay, there are two main options: at the beginning of the essay, or at the end.

When placed at the beginning, the thesis should be the first sentence of the introductory paragraph. This allows readers to quickly become familiar with the main argument being presented, as well as providing an indication of the structure the essay will take and the points it will cover. Starting with a thesis statement is also a great way to ensure that all of the essays paragraphs are logically connected and working towards a central goal.

Alternatively, the thesis statement can be placed at the end of the introduction. This approach allows writers to contextualize the argument more fully before presenting it. By first introducing the topic of the essay, providing background information and considering alternative points of view, readers are better equipped to comprehend and interpret the argument presented in the thesis statement.

Ultimately, the placement of a thesis statement in an essay is up to each individual writer. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages and which one is chosen ultimately depends on the type and purpose of the essay in question.