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What is a transition sentence in an essay

A transition sentence in an essay is a sentence that bridges two distinct ideas. It can be used to show a relationship between two sentences, paragraphs or even two different topics. Transition sentences are important components of any written composition, as they help to create a smooth flow of ideas between two or more paragraphs.

The purpose of transition sentences is to help the reader move from one thought to the next. A transition sentence also serves to provide a sense of organization to the essay. Without them, the essay would seem disjointed and lack structure. The transition sentence should be placed at the beginning of a paragraph and make it clear to the reader what the new idea or topic will be. This will make the essay easier to read and understand.

In addition to providing structure, transition sentences also provide a way to introduce new ideas and themes in the essay. It is important to use transition words in order to make it clear that the essay is moving from one train of thought to another. Good examples of transition words include: however, furthermore, additionally, consequently, and so on.

Finally, transition sentences are important in helping the reader understand the point being made in the essay. By providing transitions that link the main ideas in the essay, it will be easier for readers to follow the argument and make sense of the essay as a whole. A good transition sentence should be short, concise and clear in order to ensure that it does its job properly.