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What is a rhetorical essay

A rhetorical essay is an essay that makes an argument about a particular topic by analyzing the various rhetorical strategies used to make the argument. This type of essay is typically used in literary studies, and examines how the writer uses language to affect the reader. Rhetorical essays are written to analyze authors, texts, and other sources to understand how the argument is presented.

When writing a rhetorical essay, it's important to focus on how the author uses ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos is the argument's credibility, how it is presented as trustworthy and credible. Pathos is the emotional appeal of the argument, and how it connects with the readers feelings and emotions. Logos is the logic of the argument, and how the author uses evidence to back up the claims. A good rhetorical essay will evaluate how these strategies are used together to create an effective argument.

A rhetorical essay requires a lot of research to ensure the claims being made are accurate and supportable. It is also important to consider the author's context and audience before proceeding with the essay. The author's choice of words, structure, and overall argument should be taken into account when analyzing the effectiveness of their rhetoric. By considering these elements, a rhetorical essay can be used to effectively analyze an argument and draw conclusions about its effectiveness.

Overall, a rhetorical essay is a type of essay that can be used to evaluate an argument from a rhetorical perspective. Through examining the various elements of an argument such as ethos, pathos, and logos, a rhetorical essay can be used to analyze and evaluate an author's style and phrasing. By researching an argument before beginning an essay, one can ensure they are able to accurately evaluate an argument and draw meaningful conclusions about its effectiveness.