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The outline for an informative essay should include

An outline for an informative essay should include all the key points the essay will cover. It should also include the structure of the essay, such as how many paragraphs will be used and where each paragraph should lead. This helps to ensure that the essay is as informative as possible.

The outline should begin with an introduction, which should include a thesis statement that explains the main point of the essay. It should also include any relevant background information. Following the introduction, there should be a series of body paragraphs that provide detailed information on the main points of the essay. Each body paragraph should have a clear topic sentence to indicate what it will discuss.

At the end of the essay, there should be a conclusion paragraph. This is where the author can reiterate the thesis and provide a summary of the main points. The conclusion should also emphasize why the essay is important and leave readers with a thought-provoking idea or call to action.

Finally, the outline should also include any additional elements as needed. For example, if the author plans to include any quotes or outside sources, this should be noted in the outline so that these can be researched and included in the essay. Additionally, any visuals or supplemental materials should also be included in the outline.

Overall, an effective outline for an informative essay should include all the key points and elements that will be used in the essay. This ensures that all the necessary information is included and that the essay is as clear and informative as possible.