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Rogerian essay example

A Rogerian essay is an argumentative structure used to explore opposing viewpoints and reach a compromise on an issue. It is named after Carl Rogers, a prominent American psychologist who developed the method of therapy that involves open, non-judgmental communication between two or more parties. In a Rogerian essay, the parties involved are the writer and the reader, and the goal is to find common ground on a controversial issue.

A good example of a Rogerian essay is one that involves the topic of gun control. The writer would begin by acknowledging both sides of the argument, including a discussion of Second Amendment rights and the need for gun control laws to protect people from senseless violence. The writer would then show how both sides have valid points, and talk about how different approaches could be taken to address the issue. For example, some people may advocate for better background checks, while others may suggest that certain types of guns should be banned.

The essay should then focus on finding common ground between the two views. The writer could discuss how both sides can work together to promote responsible gun ownership while still protecting citizens from violent crime. The essay should end with a call to action, encouraging readers to take steps towards finding a solution that will work for everyone involved.

By using the Rogerian method of argumentation, the writer can effectively explore both sides of a controversial issue and create an unbiased essay that presents both sides fairly and objectively. Through this approach, readers are more likely to understand and consider both sides of the issue and be able to make an informed decision.