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Personal essay about yourself

A personal essay about myself is a way for me to reflect on my life, experiences, and accomplishments. Growing up as a young girl, I had a passion for learning, exploring, and pushing myself to be the best person that I could be. My parents have been a huge influence in my life, teaching me values such as honesty, integrity, and hard work. I have taken these values to heart and applied them to everything I have done in life.

I have always been active in school and enjoyed challenging my mind with a variety of courses. I scored well on standardized tests, and received recognition for my accomplishments in math and science. I now attend college, majoring in Computer Science, with the hopes of becoming a software engineer or web developer after graduation. I also take part in several extracurricular activities, including playing violin in the school orchestra, tutoring students in mathematics, and serving as an editor for the student newspaper.

I am passionate about giving back to the community and have volunteered at local food pantries, libraries, and shelters. I have seen firsthand the impact of service on people's lives and it has strengthened my resolve to continue to serve those in need. Furthermore, I am involved in various leadership roles in my school and community, including being a student ambassador for my school, an executive board member for the local student council, and a mentor for younger students.

In addition to my academic and volunteer pursuits, I am an avid reader and enjoy spending time with friends and family. They have been there for me through everything and I am so grateful for their love and support. My personal essay is a reflection of all that I have accomplished thus far in my life and how I plan to continue on as an individual who strives for excellence.