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Fences by august wilson essay

Fences, written by the celebrated playwright August Wilson, is a powerful and thought-provoking play that explores the life of an African-American family in the 1950s. The play opens with Troy Maxson, an older black man who has been a victim of racial prejudice, trying to make a living as the garbage collector for a neighborhood in Pittsburgh. His troubled relationship with his son Cory and his long-suffering wife Rose highlights the struggles of an African-American family in a society that is constantly suppressing their dreams.

As the play progresses, we begin to learn more and more about why Troy has become so bitter and resentful towards life. He had dreams of becoming a Major League baseball player, and while he was talented enough to make it to the Negro Leagues, racism kept him from achieving his goals. This has left him with a deep sense of regret and disappointment, which he expresses through his construction of a fence around his home. He believes the fence will keep his family safe and secure, but it is also a metaphor for his attempts to contain his familys dreams and aspirations within the boundaries of what society will accept.

The play further illustrates the issue of racial prejudice as it applies to Troys son Cory, who is a talented athlete, but faces discrimination from white recruiters who refuse to consider him for college sports scholarships. While Cory struggles with his own internal battles, Rose is trying to hold the family together, even in the face of Troys infidelity. Despite their numerous trials and tribulations, Rose stands by her husband no matter what.

Through Fences, Wilson reveals the struggles faced by many African-American families during this time period, as well as the strength and courage they needed to survive. He highlights the importance of family bonds and love between husband and wife while also addressing themes of racial injustice and inequality. By writing this play, Wilson managed to create a powerful piece of art that resonates even today, making it a timeless classic that will endure for many years to come.