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Design and branding strategy dissertation

Designing and branding a strategy dissertation is an important and complex process. It involves understanding of the organization's target audience, objectives, industry and competitors. It also requires a deep understanding of different aspects of design, branding and marketing. A strategy dissertation should provide a comprehensive and creative approach to how an organization can define, create and maintain its brand.

The first step in creating a design and branding strategy dissertation is to understand the brand identity of the organization. This includes considering the history, values, mission, goals and objectives. The brand identity should be carefully researched and clearly defined before any design elements are created. The design elements should be based on the brand identity, which will help to ensure that all elements of the dissertation are consistent with the organizations brand.

The next step of creating a design and branding strategy dissertation is to create a comprehensive branding plan. This plan should include an analysis of the current state of the organization's brand, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. This plan should also include a comprehensive look at the various components of design such as typography, color, logo design, imagery, packaging and messaging. By researching these components and understanding their application to the organizations brand, a strategy dissertation can be developed that will effectively communicate the brand to its target audience.

Finally, the design elements created should be evaluated against the organizations goals and objectives. Evaluation should include testing designs with target audiences to ensure that they convey the desired message and evoke the desired emotion. After all evaluation is complete, the design elements should be refined to ensure that they are in line with the goals and objectives outlined in the design and branding strategy dissertation.

By following these steps when creating a design and branding strategy dissertation, organizations will be able to create and communicate a powerful brand identity to their target audience. This will help to ensure that the organization can create an impactful, memorable impression on its customers.