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Cmu supplemental essays 2023

The Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Supplemental Essays for 2023 are designed to provide prospective students with an opportunity to express their individual aspirations outside of the standard application. Through these essays, the admissions committee wants to gain a better understanding of a student's values, interests, and passions.

The first essay prompt asks prospective students to explain how they envision themselves contributing to the CMU community. Here, students should explain why they feel they would be a unique addition to the CMU student body. They should also discuss what they could bring to the school, such as special skills and leadership abilities, and how these would enrich the CMU community.

The second prompt requires applicants to explain what their ideal college experience would look like. This essay should provide a glimpse into a student's individual goals and dreams for their college career, and how CMU can help them achieve these ambitions. Here, applicants should discuss specific courses and extracurricular activities they would like to pursue at CMU, as well as any research opportunities or internships they desire.

The third supplemental essay is an open-ended essay prompt that allows students to share anything else that may be relevant to their application. This is an opportunity for students to highlight their unique experiences and provide additional context for their application. Here, students should avoid repeating information that has already been included in other essays, and instead provide insight into any special skills, extracurricular activities, or research projects they may have pursued.

The CMU Supplemental Essays for 2023 provides prospective students with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their individual qualities and passions in an imaginative way. By taking the time to craft thoughtful and authentic responses, applicants can give admissions officers a better understanding of who they are and how they would contribute to the CMU community.