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Another word for in conclusion in an essay

In conclusion is a common way to end an essay, however there are many other words that can be used in place of the phrase. To summarize, can be used to wrap up an essay and briefly outline the main points discussed. Alternatively, phrases such as to conclude, in summary or in closing can also be used.

The purpose of concluding an essay is to remind the reader of the main points discussed and bring the essay to a close in a clear and concise manner. Other phrases that can help achieve this include in essence, all in all and to sum up.

When writing an essay it is important to include a conclusion that ties the essay together. Overall, can be used as another way to indicate that the essay is coming to an end. Other phrases that can be used to achieve the same goal include in short, as a result and therefore.

The words used in the conclusion of an essay should not be too long or complex. This is why it is important to use words or phrases that clearly signal the end of an essay. In conclusion, is a popular phrase for this purpose, however other words such as in summary and in closing can also be effective.

Whether you use in conclusion or another phrase to signal the end of your essay, make sure that it is short, clear and appropriate for the type of essay you have written.